Short Term Rental

If you plan to offer your property in Midland as a short-term rental, you are required to pay the tax of 7% of gross proceeds quarterly.

Short-Term Rental Tax

The City of Midland city code defines a Short-Term Rental Business as a business where 80% of the gross rental receipts of such businesses in any year are from transactions involving rental periods of 30 consecutive days or less. This includes all extensions and renewals to the same person or a person affiliated with the lessor.

The City of Midland contracts with Granicus' Host Compliance, which helps us identify short-term rentals and make sure owners follow guidelines for payment. In addition, they offer a portal for setting up your account and making online payments. First-time users will need to register before you can pay through the portal. Visit REGISTER OR PAY button below.

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What Short-Term Rentals Support:

Revenue from the short-term rental program makes Midland even better for residents, business owners, and visitors. This money helps fund projects to reinvest into the community and promote quality of life programs.

About Midland's Short-Term Rental Program:

Short-term regulations in Midland went into effect on February 1, 2022. The Finance Department runs the short-term rental program. 

City Ordinance
Pursuant to Section 3-3-1 of the City Code, as amended by Ordinance No. 10190, the definition of “hotel” for hotel occupancy tax purposes includes a short-term rental.  

Short-term rental is defined as “the rental of all or part of a residential property to a person who is not a permanent resident.” 

A person owning, operating, managing, or controlling a hotel, including a short-term rental, is required to collect a hotel occupancy tax equal to seven percent (7%) of the price paid by each occupant and remit the collected tax to the City of Midland.  

Learn more about the short-term rentals ordinance.